The objective of the C Scape Foundation is to support the goal of holistic wellness of all.  The C Scape Foundation was established in 2017. The Founders, Christina Garcia and Dean Baraba, have over 30 years combined experience in healthcare, mental health and wellbeing and social services. Christina and Dean have worked to develop a sound infrastructure enabling us to provide a great variety of services and resources. The C Scape Foundation strives to provide accessible services to clients while working to coordinate family and community support.



The C Scape foundation was established to support the positive health outcomes of individuals, families and communities. Our objective centers on holistic wellness accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds.  We support our clients and their journeys to achieve holistic wellness. We meet members where they are at and work to support the alleviation of unnecessary stressors associated with various determinants such as biological and social barriers and inequities.