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Past Events

Dean Baraba & Christina Garcia


Conference:  Maintaining Balance: A Caregivers Guide to Health & Wellness. 

Interested in discussing caregiver burn-out, compassion fatigue and stress management? Contact us to help guide that discussion and explore the journey to a healthier work and home balance


​Christina Garcia

May (2016): Neighborcare Health & the Meridian Center for Health Community Needs Assessment with the Meridian Center for Health in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle.  Ninth and Jefferson Building, Harborview Medical Center. Seattle, Washington.

Dean Baraba

April (2017) Conference Speaker: Think Before You Move: Awareness + Techniques + Positive Outcomes in Patient Care. Radiation Oncology Works. Annual Continuing Education Conference, 2017.

Christina Garcia


June (2017) Presentation:  Increasing Positive Health Outcomes Through Early Childhood Education Promoting Health in the Early Years. University of Washington at South Lake Union. Seattle, Washington.

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