June (2017) Presentation:  Increasing Positive Health Outcomes Through Early Childhood Education Promoting Health in the Early Years. University of Washington at South Lake Union. Seattle, Washington.

Childhood health disparities and consequent financial and emotional burden are growing as funding for early childhood programming are decreasing. Children are spending far more time with external caregivers (e.g., early learning educators) yet there remains a considerable gap in child development training regarding early childhood health and health promotion. Early childhood educators are not being trained in health promotion, however provide health information and utilize established behavior modification approaches to increase protective factors regarding child safety and health risks. Creating, refining and reinforcing health behaviors in the early years increase the potential for positive health later in life. Children are influenced from a very young age across multiple social sectors including family, community and society. These influences affect development of language, health and behavioral skills sustained throughout life. Therefore, intervening with a collaborative approach early, with action-oriented and age appropriate activities to health promotion is an evidence based framework to support positive health outcomes. 

May (2016): Neighborcare Health & the Meridian Center for Health Community Needs Assessment with the Meridian Center for Health in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle.  Ninth and Jefferson Building, Harborview Medical Center. Seattle, Washington.

Christina provided a preliminary research report to help guide the Meridian Center for Health (MCH) staff in developing and implementing a future community needs assessment. Through a mixed method approach of research, observation and staff engagement, she developed recommendations (including a draft of assessment tools) to assist MCH staff with their upcoming decisions. Christina is grateful for having had the opportunity to strengthen community-based health assessment research skills and spend time in the new Meridian Center for Health building. 

April (2017) Conference Speaker: Think Before You Move: Awareness + Techniques = Positive Outcomes in Patient Care. Radiation Oncology Works. Annual Continuing Education Conference, 2017.


We all move as a part of daily life. As health care professionals, and in hospital caregiving situations, our physical alignment and awareness is paramount to injury avoidance. Dean presented techniques such as the use of the align-brace-communicate to support caregiver options regarding injury avoidance.