Our family, at the C-Scape Foundation, are committed to supporting the hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.  Below you can explore donation options focused on directly affecting the communities in need of basic life assistance and support.

Hispanic Federation
Lin-Manuel Miranda Puerto Rico Relief Collection
C Scape's Commitment 
Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

Immediate family support

     To date, we have shipped multiple packages of food, water purification Life Straws, and other basic necessities to our family living in Puerto Rico.  We are consistently working to better understand what infrastructure support our family could use in their immediate community.  We continue to send these "life packages" on an ongoing basis.  


The greater Puerto Rican community

     We continue to research policy and infrastructure support.  Some of the shorter term action items for this effort include assessing the priority areas of need and how, within our capacity, we can support those needs. 


If you are interested in supporting C Scape's efforts to support Puerto Rico, please consider DONATING to our organization and volunteering your expertise on the matter. Contact us if you have ideas, time and/or expertise to offer.



"We are grateful for any support.  As soon as the hurricane hit, we starting working to support our family, friends and the greater Puerto Rican community.  We are adjusting to community needs as those change over time."


With much gratitude,

The C Scape Family

Recovery and rebuilding in Puerto Rico effort resources

The ask: "Fair and transparent rebuild" (~Lin-Manuel Miranda).

Contact us if you have ideas to support these efforts.